Survey: Lunch Much??

This is a "survey" about how we spent lunch period - and - other places where we went out to eat or date back in the day.  And if more than a few participate, we'll try to come up with more surveys.  So take a second to answer and let's see the results....!  


19¢ for a burger!  Ha!  But remember the new Mickey D's right across the street and Sir Basil's were 15¢.  So Fowler's was actually the  "upscale" place!


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1)   What were your favorite lunch period activities or nearby fast food joints while Attending Weber?

  School Cafeteria
  Dairy Queen
  Brown bag on the lawn
  Sack lunches in the old gym balcony
  (Original) Basil's ('60) or Sir Basil's ('61-62)
  Just walking around/hanging out
  Take a drive (Were we allowed to do that at lunch?)
  Finding someplace to chill, read, study
  Athletic field bleachers
  Shooting the breeze somewhere in the building
  "Quality private time" with a boy/girl friend
  A "greasy spoon" near 9th and Washington (Name??)

1. You CAN check more than one answer here.

2. If you add an "other" we forgot to ANY of these questions, we'll add it to the survey. PS: Were there any vending machines in the school?
2)   Most of the places below were further away, and some more "spendy," so they're probably more places we went after school and weekends. But which were your faves?

  Arctic Circle
  A&W (More of a weekend thing?)
  Burger Bar (Roy)
  Harman's (Original KFC - above most budgets, right?)
  Judy's (old-fashioned malt shop/lunch counter by Ogden High)
  Farr's Ice Cream
  Rusty's Drive In
  Lee's Donuts
  Snacks from the all-night California Free Market
  "Snappy Service" Burgers (Washington around 26th)
  Keely's (?)
  Woolworth's Lunch Counter

If one on the other two questions is your answer here, write it in - or again there must be some (or a lot) we forgot. Like in the Valley or North Ogden or....??

And again, you can check MORE than one answer.
3)   Dining out: Chinese was about the most exotic and "hippest" thing some of us remember for going out... which of these do you remember best or most fondly....??

  Star Noodle
  Bamboo Noodle
  Utah Noodle
  Kay's Noodle Parlor
  China Night (Was this open during our days at WHS?)
  Other.... (You can include NON-Chinese)

OK, we've made this a "Pick only one" question... is full of tough decisions after all.
4)   Other "go-to" places with food: Good eats/date places in/around/near the county?

UPDATE 4/3: Riggo's Italian Restaurant/Pizza across from China Night seems to be the answer about whether there was a pizza/Italian place, thanks to those who answered! And it's looking like China Night WAS open back then....

Original text: Several of us seem to remember an Italian place on the east side of Washington Blvd. somewhere between 27th and 29th... ...anyone remember the name?

Or the names of any other go-to-on-a-date places??
5)   Do you have any suggestions for other surveys about our lives during our Weber days we might come up with??