Reunion Photos

All Classmates can add photo galleries.  Add Reunion photos (from any Class Reunion) on THIS page, and use Your Shared Pics for all other photos. In either, click on "Add/Edit Photos".  Then follow the directions on screen to create your own "gallery."

You can add or delete photos to and from galleries (or ask the site administrators to help)!

.Viewing and Downloading/Saving Photos:

1: There can be multiple "galleries" under any "paperclipped" icons on photo pages. 

2:  If you're on a "gallery" in "automatic" mode and captions disappear before you can read thempress Pause (upper left). 

If you point at either edge of paused photos, an arrow appears. Press to view more manually. 

3:  You can "Hover" over "thumbnails" (tiny versions of pics) to "pop up" their written info (if any).

4: "Right-click" (or do the phone/tablet equivalent) to download and save any pic.



30th-50th Reunion Photos
5 Galleries  2/2/13
55th Year Reunion
93 Photos  9/4/17
60th Reunion Photos
67 Photos  10/28/22