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(Post any pics - from any Reunion - on the "40 and 50th Re-U Pics" page and all others here). 

Today, anyone with a mobile phone always has a still/video camera, but some of you certainly have old pics or film.  Like from your elementary or jr. high days - the Committee has few.  (We have  some class pics from Wilson, Plain City, West Weber and Valley). Or shots of some of our old favorite hangouts.  Anything that brings the era back.

Your classmates would love to see them here! 

Need help getting old printed photos into digital form?  We can help, but a good cellphone camera  or other digital camera can often do a decent job if you play around with it.  We've included tips on getting good results this way on the Using This Site link.



Dan Gibson
58 Photos  1/3/24
Jim Maynard Keller
4 Photos  3/9/14
WHS Class of '62 Committee
25 Photos  11/4/12
Roger Stratford
45 Photos  11/4/12
Darol Wintle
59 Photos  11/4/12
Tamara Coletti Dahlstrom
3 Photos  11/4/12
Cheryl Clark Pierson
2 Photos  7/20/12
Karen Flinders Batchelor
10 Photos  7/11/12
Garth Gooch
8 Photos  3/16/12
Tom Grimm
14 Photos  2/7/12
Sandra Leigh Garner Grimm
14 Photos  2/7/12