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November, 2012 Edition (Updated)


The  2nd Issue of the Class of '62 Trumpeter (updated version)

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  "In Memory" Profiles      Updated 1/9/13

Our goal is sharing something of the stories of our deceased Classmates. Memorial pages have been posted for ALL we know of - covering the period 1959-2012, i.e., from sophomore year to the present.

The Committee has learned of the passing of two more classmates:

Karen Knight (11/6/12) N. Mondell Neville (12/6/12)

Karen's obituary is posted, but no obituary is yet available for Mondell. We are in the process of gathering more information about both for further posting.

Some pages are more complete based on what we've been able to find, but we include all that we can locate or that is brought to our attention. Thanks to Classmates Earl Henstra,  Jim Maynard KellerTom GrimmLinda Fowers Thurgood, Richard Crawford, and others - with special thanks to to Wendy Simmons Johnson (daughter of classmates Serge Simmons and Jane Chugg Renstrom) for a great team effort!

Your own remembrance comments - and - any addtional materials you might have to add to these are always valued!

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Many more (NEW) pics:  

The second album (of 231) pictures from the Reunion taken by our photographer has been posted. You can access it by clicking on the red text here or by clicking the "40 & 50 Re-U Pics" button on the left of the page. 

Here's more from the first album of of our 50th Reunion pictures posted by Roger Stratford. 54 great pics!  (These are on the "Your Shared Pics" button.)  Like these....

Special note: Our 50th Reunion pics somehow ended up posted in THREE different places on the site - some on the "40 & 50th Re-U Pics" page, and some in two different locations on the "Your Shared Pics" page.  There's guidance to find them all on the "40/50" page... ...we hope to have them ALL under one button in a few weeks.

You can also post your own Reunion pics.. ..and please do (on that 40/50 page, please)!! 

(More) Classmate Facts (from the Re-U Program)

A re-presentation (over time) for attendees and "the didn't make its"....

Did you know......??

–  Delivering and receiving: This classmate almost missed the ‘62 diploma ceremony while a sister was being born (and who just celebrated her own 50th birthday)…   ….Ann Penman (Gustafson)

–  This classmate was a murder victim in a 2010 music video - and has competed/performed at several National Poetry Slam Tournaments since 2006)….  ….Jim Maynard Keller

–  This classmate spearheaded a project to provide a ball field in honor of his friend and classmate, “Serge Benson Simmons Field,” near Fort Buenaventura in Ogden….    ….Tom Grimm

–  Giving them wings:  This classmate has taught Vietnamese cadets and German students how to fly airplanes… ….Roger Stratford

...All names above are live links to profiles...

"Pop Quiz" Q's (given by Connie Chaitlinat the Reunion...

See Trumpeter Archives (new button on the left) for Q's 1-2

  3. Which classmate was awarded the commission to sculpt a bust of a US President?

   4. What classmate worked on the Space Shuttle Team for many years as an inspector/auditor? (This classmate has also sung in a symphonic choir for 30 years.)

...Answers at the end of the issue (*Scroll down...)!

While we seldom discuss our Weber's successor school, this is a video by the students of the "New Weber" from Earl Henstra - and it's a rap song. Enoy......


PS: Check the spelling of "Ben Lomond" in the vid - i.e., the mountain the new school is actually located on...

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive:

The "big PaH-ty's" a memory, but our class web community is still only starting..  ..use it, donate, enjoy, send ideas, etc.. ..and we won't lose it!!

(More) From the Wayback Machine Slide Show:

From David Stanger's Scrapbook....

Jim Maynard Keller and family, Paul Roylance, George Jacques, Carol Greenwell, Francine Markos, Donald Wells, Gary Graves)

From Marilyn Barker Hargis - North Ogden 1st Grade..


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*Pop Quiz Answers:

3.   J. Craig Peterson sculpted a bust of President George W. Bush.

4.  Charles Groberg helped keeped the Shuttles flying... ...and the sound of music in the air.

A (Continuing) Bit 'o  (fairly) Recent Nostalgia:

Finally, while the big event (and big it was!) is over, we don't have another of this size for a minute, so we're leaving the last pre-reunion post and the Reunion Info pages up to savor for a bit. (We'll archive it later).

A lingering last look at our pre-Reunion prep:

..Our 50th...

We're way excited 200 of us will be at the Banquet tonight and 100 at the Saturday Picnic!

...Tonight and Tomorrow 

8/10 and 11!  This is it!!

[Email Tom Grimm ( with questions.  The Reunion Registration page has details and directions

Meanwhile, ALL of Earl's Lodge at Snow Basin Resort is ours Tonight! Plus a program not to be missed!! (Really - folks have busted hump on this!)

 Saturday's event is an afternoon picnic on John Rhees' spacious grounds.

GET READYWord to the wise, here's another clue for y'all to help you participate in the evening's program: Read people's profiles IN ADVANCE.  Trust us on this....  ...all WILL be made clear!! :-D  

MEMORABILIA -  Bring things from WHS days to display! Think Pep Club Uniforms, FFA jackets, anything from FHA, FTA, Key Club, Teams, Warriorette boots, pictures, etc!

   See you there!  

..And now back to our regularly scheduled Home Page..

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Volume 51 (get it??) - Issue 1, August 18, 2012:

Extra! Extra! Read all about it...


Welcome to the New Class of '62 Trumpeter!

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Pictures, we have pictures:  

The first album of of our 50th Reunion pictures has been posted by Roger Stratford. 54 great pics!  Like This one from the Saturday Picnic....

Or this one from the Friday Reunion Program during the banquet at Snow Basin...

You can access all of 'em on Your Shared Pics...  ..that button on the left of the page or right here!!!  You can also post your own.  Tammy Coletti Dahlstrom just did that with the first on the site pictures ever of our 30th Reunion!! Very Cool.....

Also (in the Classmate Forums) check out Kenny Greenwell's Poem, "Weber High School, 1962" - which he read at the banquet.  Funny AND moving....

Classmate Facts (from the Reunion Program)

A re-presentation (over time) for attendees and "didn't make its"....

Did you know......??

–  Scenic Route:  This classmate attended Weber High during his Sophomore year, went to Bear River High as a Junior and finally returned to Weber for Senior Year….     …..Jerry Anderson

–  Vrooom-vrooom:  This lucky classmate worked in the motorcycle industry for over 35 years…  ...Della Wheeler (Wayment)

–  He was driven:  This classmate answered the “one of the most influential/favorite teachers” profile question on the website by naming his own dad, who was a school bus driver….   …..John Rhees

–  This classmate has a Masters degree in Nursing and has worked in hospitals for the past 32 years as a nurse and supervisor.  She now teaches Clinical Nursing…..   …..Janis Stokes (Wuthrich)

...All names above are live links to profiles...

"Pop Quiz" Q's (given by Connie Chaitlinat the Reunion...  

   1. Which of our classmates was taken hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1979?

   2. Which classmate took down a bull moose with one shot at 142 yards in 2006?

...Answers at the end of the issue (*Scroll down...)!

Cred where due department:

Congrats to all for making our big 5-0 a great fest (including attendees and those who couldn't make it, but sent your love)...  ...great to see more folks than many even got to say "hi" to, let alone gab with!  And more memorabila, slide shows (see "Wayback Machine" below), trivia, program, live music and..... .....Darn!  An embarrassment of riches!!

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive:

And while the "PaH-ty" is in the rear viewmirror, our class web community is only getting started - if you all want it to, of course....  ...use it, donate, enjoy, make suggestions for new uses, etc.... ...and we won't lose it!!

From the Wayback Machine Slide Show:

Kings and Queens all.....

Wilson Lane 3rd Grade '53 - Mrs. Barton's Class

Meanwhile, Next Issue:  Many more photos by our photographer, the evening's program, and more of the above!


Also up soon - if you send one - Letters to the Editor... ...And as for topics, what have you got??    Any Reunion reminiscences (of any Reunion we've had)?  Or anything else of interest to the class?  We'd all love to know....  ...Just shoot 'em as a message to Tom Grimm, Jim Maynard Keller or any Website Admin listed on the bottom of the Home Page!

*Pop Quiz Answers:

1.  The classmate who was taken hostage during the stand-off at the US Embassy in Tehran, Iran in 1979 is Joan Walsh (Howland).

2. The (more dangerous than she looks) classmate who bagged a bull moose with one shot in 2006 is  Marilyn Barker (Hargis).