60 Year Reunion

Event Details

Our biggest regrets in life are not the things we’ve done, but the things we haven’t done.  Here's hoping you didn't miss this chance to see and be with friends from our Weber High Class of 1962!


Sadly, Saturday, 17 Sep 2022 was an opportunity that we won’t ever have again. 


Those in Attendance:

Ivan Anderson

Wayne Andreotti

Reese Barker

Gary Barrow

Bill Batchelor and Karen Flinders

Dale Beckstead

Alan Berrett (Judy)

Carroll Beus Thomas

Brigitte Buckway Hunsaker (Jess)

Marge Byington Becraft

Ann Calderwood Vorwaller

Lois Ann Clawson Ward

Marlene Cole Lewellin

Luana Creamer Middleton

Giles Crowton (Linda)

Reed Decker

John Dinsdale

Marian Fowers Martin

Dan Gibson (Carol)

Richard Gooch (Janeen)

Venita Green Lindeman

Kenny Greenwell

Tom Grimm and Nancy Cox Sivulich

Gary Hadley

Blake Hall

Joan Hancock Kendell

Tom Harper

Roger Heslop (Lael)

Warren Johns

Lyle and Chris Johnston

Jack Kellerstrass (Pam)

Gary Kite

Jim Mann (Joyce)

Dennis Mansfield

Larry Maw (Pam)

Judy McFarland Collins (Patrick)

Rhea Montgomery Schade

Jerry Moyes and Vickie Favero

Tom Musgrave

Danny Palmer

John Rhees

Pete Sowa

Joan Spackman Heap

Fred Stettler (Linda)

Brent and Carol Stratford

Roger Stratford (Pam)

Fred Thompson and Helen Thompson

Linda Thurgood (Brent)

Suzanne Wood Ferre

Elaine Woodfield Storey

Brent and ReNee Wagstaff

Ronnie Young