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Mary Laree Shaw

Mary Laree Shaw


Mary Laree Shaw

February 21, 1944 ~ February 1, 1960

The below is a composite of Mary's brief obituary and the news story about the untimely death of she and other members of her family published in the Ogden (Utah) Standard Examiner of February 2nd, 1960 (scans are below). As this is written, we have received more information, some of which has also been added since our original posting, and more may be added in the future.


Mary LaRee Shaw, 15, of Liberty, Utah died Monday, February 1, 1960 in the Thomas Dee Memorial Hospital of severe head and spinal injuries received in a three car automobile accident which happened on Saturday night, January 30th in Ogden, Utah.

As reported in the Standard, Mary's entire family was in their car at the time of the accident.  The Shaw's car was stopped behind another at a red light when it was rammed violently from behind by a third car.  

The accident resulted in the immediate death of Mary's father, Everett, 52, while Mary, her younger sister, Marjorie Rae and her mother, Alice were taken to the hospital.  Mary died approximately two days after the collision, and Marjorie succumbed to her injuries two days after Mary's passing on February 3rd at the age of 10.

Gravesite Photos - Liberty Cemetery



Mary's mother, a nurse, who'd been in the driver's seat, was pinned in the car, but less seriously injured. Her medical condition was described as "good," and the Standard reported she chose to remain at the Dee Hospital to be near her daughters as the family's tragedy continued to unfold.

Mary's mother lived until 1992 and is buried next to her family.

The driver of the car which struck the Shaw's vehicle, who was only slightly injured, had been earlier jailed for drunkenness - and that he had been freed on that offense just 2 ½ hours before the crash. He was first charged with negligent homicide, and the charge was later escalated to three counts of automobile homocide.

The Committee has continued to look into these events and has subsequently learned that the driver eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 1-10 years in prison.  The last information we've found is that he was scheduled for a parole hearing after his first year of serving his sentence.  More information about Mary and her family may be posted from the new materials we've received.

Meanwhile, the following comes from Mary's obituary and other sources: 

Miss Shaw was born Feb. 21, 1944, in Ogden, a daughter of Everett Brown and Alice Jackson Shaw.

Mary at Valley Junior High

8th Grade (1957-58) "Valley Echoes" Year Book 

She was a student at Weber High School and had been a member of the Pep Club Band.  She was an active member of the LDS Church and had been secretary and attendant secretary and chorister in the church MIA (Mutual Improvement Association).

Surviving were her mother and her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Jackson, of Kanesville, Utah.

Additional family history information:

Father - Everett Brown Shaw 1907 – 1960
Mother - Alice Jackson (Shaw) 1915 – 1992
Sister - Marjorie Rae Shaw 1949 – 1960

Funeral services were conducted by Lindquist and Sons Mortuary. Internment was in Liberty Cemetery



As reported in the Ogden Standard Examiner, February 2, 1960 

(full page first, and then the story itself)




The Committee wishes to thank Classmates Earl Henstra, James Keller, Tom Grimm and Richard Crawford for their work in researching, preparing and posting this material.  The gracious, extensive and continuing assistance of the Weber County Library is also much appreciated.