Jane Davis Morain

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Jane Davis
Where are you living? Clearfield, UT USA
Spouse/Partner? Ronald Morain (deceased 2015)
Children, Grandchildren and such? CHILDREN: Lisa Redden Taylor (Rich), born 1964; Stephanie Redden Dial (Mike), born 1970; Dallas Redden, More…born 1976
STEPCHILDREN: Judi Morain (Kelly Beachler), born 1958; Cliff Morain, born 1960; Annette Morain Guerreiro (Oscar), born 1963; Robert Morain (Yvonne), born 1966

We have 15 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren. They've kept us busy with soccer, baseball, and basketball games through the years. We have a lot of fun family memories.
Occupations/Careers (Current or past): Secretary Hill AFB (Retired)
Post-WHS Ed/Career training? (Schools, Degrees, Certificates, Licenses, Apprenticeships, etc. and so forth)

Attended Weber State for 2 quarters and decided to go to work as a stenographer at the old Ogden Iron Works on 23rd Street.

Hobbies and Interests?

Like Utah JAZZ (they'll do great next year if the management doesn't go crazy with the trades).

Like to watch most sports.

Love to do crossword puzzles and solve cryptoquotes.

Comments about your life (or life in general)?

I worked as a cashier at the L.R. Samuels store while attending Weber State College for two quarters. In 1963 I went to work at Ogden Iron Works as a stenographer. I worked as a tax examiner at IRS for 10 years between 1967 and 1980. I worked for Social Security Adm for 2 years in Grand Forks, No Dakota; and worked as a secretary at Grand Forks AFB for a year, getting ready for the B-1B bomber to come in. I worked as a branch secretary at Hill AFB from 1989 to 2007 for the Aircraft Engineering Branch. I retired with 31 years of Federal Service in 2007.

I married Dennis Redden in 1964 and we divorced in 1978.

I married Ronald Morain in 1980. We lived in Rapid City, So Dakota for 2 years. We lived right at the start of the Black Hills (small lake at the bottom of our housing development with deer there almost every morning.) We went to Mount Rushmore several times and to the beginning of the sculpting of the Crazy Horse monument a few times. There were so many things to see and places to visit in So Dakota. It was a beautiful place to live.

We lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming for two years. Went to Frontier Days rodeos and events (crazy times). We spent a lot of time in Fort Collins, CO ( a nice place to shop and have dinner).

We lived in Grand Forks, No Dakota for four years (where the state bird is the mosquito). You don't realize how cold -38 degrees (-78 degrees windchill) is until you've experienced it. We went to Winnipeg, Canada several times and visited their wonderful Museum of Natural History and Man and their awesome Planetarium.

We returned to Utah in 1988 and have lived in Clearfield since then. We both worked at Hill AFB and kept busy with work and attending sports functions for our grandchildren. Ron retired in 1994. I worked at IRS in Ogden, Social Security Office in Grand Forks ND, Grand Forks AFB ND, and Hill AFB UT. I retired in 2007 with 31 years of Civil Service work.

Most unusual or favorite place(s) you've ever been or events you've been part of?

One of my favorite events was to be at Mt Rushmore for the 4th of July celebration. It was a great experience!! We also went to Flintstone Village, Bear Country, Reptile Gardens, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and many other sights while living in Rapid City.

What's still left on your 'Bucket List'?

To go to New York and see the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building and to see a Broadway play.

Favorite School Stories?

Loved Journalism... was business manager for the school paper and publicity worker for school sports. Had so much fun! Lots of funny stories, but I'll keep them for myself and those I told about them.

Favorite/Most influential teachers, advisers, coaches, bus drivers or other staff?

Mr. Dabb... thought that man was awesome.

Also Mr. Morton and his Journalism class (had a blast and loved writing poetry).

Loved Ms Nelson... loved getting out of a class to referee games for her.

Favorite School Cheers, Slogans, Slang?

Good old Weber, grand old Weber...

Favorite School 'Activities' (official or otherwise!)?

Business manager for the school newspaper... had a great time doing that.

Most important knowledge or life lessons learned at Weber (serious, funny or both)?

Not to put thumbtacks in your mouth while standing on a chair in the hallway putting posters up. (Ended up in hospital with the help of a football player.)

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Happy late birthhday. Hope you had a great day. So sorry this is late.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 DAYS LATE!! Sorry... haven't been on top of things. Hope you had a great day.

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Happy Birthday Jane!

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