Jane Chugg Renstrom

Profile Updated: March 27, 2012
Where are you living? Ogden, UT USA
Spouse/Partner? Wayne Stevenson
Children, Grandchildren and such? Chantile, born 1963;(deceased) Wendy, Born 1965; Tim, born 1968; Natasha, born 1971; Zachary, born 1973; More…Reuben, born 1976. 21 grandchildren 10 girls and 11 boys. They are the best!!
Occupations/Careers (Current or past): Retired high school counselor
Hobbies and Interests?

Mah-Jongg--I love to play the game and it will never grow old because it is complicated. I play the piano at the McKay Dee Hospital twice a month as a volunteer.

My brother and sisters, with spouses, have traveled together and I feel it a great privilege to be able to be with them. My dad would be proud that we are still so adventurous.
I also quilt, sew, crochett, write history books about my family--ancestors, and watch T.V.

Comments about your life (or life in general)?

I went to Utah State one quarter, married Serge B. Simmons (deceased), three children,finished BS degree in English at Weber State, married Darrell Renstrom (deceased), three children. I am now married to Wayne Stevenson. I have lived in Virginia, Colorado, mostly North Ogden, earned Master's degree in Ed., earned counselors degree, taken classes ever since.

I feel like I have lived many different lives. I hardly recognize the 18 year old person I was when we all graduated from WHS. I only left Utah a couple of times when Serge and I drove across the US to live in Virginia while he went to Marine Officer's Training. I first flew on an airplane at age 26 years old and thought I would certainly die before ever getting to my destination. From then on I seem to have lived a life I could not have imagined when I was younger. I used to think if I could only go to Europe just once, I would be satisfied forever...I am still looking forward to the next trip abroad. What a "Wonderful Life".

Most unusual or favorite place(s) you've ever been or events you've been part of?

I have traveled to the following places: England, Scotland, Germany France, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Poland, Israel, Italy, Switzerland, China, Canada, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Carribean (east and west islands), Figi and Mexico. I am making this list for myself--so I can remember where I have been?? As I have traveled many places, I only realize how beautiful Ogden is and how extremely fortunate I am to have grown up in the Ogden area.

Remembrances: This could be a book. Jim K. reminded me I could write a great deal and not use too many characters.
A great remembrance was when my son, Tim, was one of the captains of the WHS football team when they won the 4-A championship beating Davis! It was a great day for Weber High. A fellow team member had lost his dad to a tragic accident that same year and all the boys wanted to win the championship for the boy and his late father. When they won, we all felt Serge was watching the game also. He was so proud to have a son.

Another time I would like to mention was having dinner with Robert Redford at Sundance. It was a political thing and there were about 10 people at the table but he sat staight across from me! The dinner and meeting lasted about three hours and I was beginning to wonder why he was so famous. He then smiled at something someone was saying and I knew why he had MADE it.

The birth of my kids and grandkids were also pretty memorable. But rearing twin teenage grand-daughters made me realize why young people have children and older people just love them.

I guess three marriages are also memorable? Just kidding!

What's still left on your 'Bucket List'?

Go to Casablanca--I am in love with the show
Basque area
Netherlands and Belgium
South Africa
Wales (again)
Compile one more book

Favorite School Stories?

Sophomore year--the crowded halls and classrooms. Going up the hill to Seminary in the rain, snow, sleet and also the beautiful weather. I loved it!

It was so fun to go to stomps after dances and the formal dances were simply magical. Boyfriends! and wonderful new friends from all over the county.

Junior year--missed the Bonneville friends but we could actually move in a different direction in the halls without getting run over--I was small then. I, along with many others in my junior year, majored in music, drama, cheerleading, debate along with a few other classes.

One of my craziest memories was riding in an old hearst to the Salt Lake Tabernacle with fellow debaters. We felt it exciting to see Nixon and Kennedy speak when they were running for Pres.

Senior year--I loved it until about Feb. when I, along with 3 others, decided to sluff at least one day of my 12 years of school. We were not good at it, because we all got caught and all got kicked out of everything.

Favorite School 'Activities' (official or otherwise!)?

MUSIC, drama, cheerleading, boys, debate and great friends.
The scariest thing I ever did was throw raw eggs at cars on Halloween. We were at Karen Knight's in Riverdale and we just happened to hit a police car. He stopped his car and got out and we all ran.
Another thing we did in high school was drive up and down red light alley that was just 1/2 block from 25th street. We would all scream and hide in the car. The poor driver would have to up to see where she/he was going.

Most important knowledge or life lessons learned at Weber (serious, funny or both)?

I learned to think in Debate. That was a great gift because I felt I could learn, or at least find information, after I had been in debate for two years. Ronald Smout was a great teacher.

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Hope you had a great BD, Jane!

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Happy Birthday Jane. Enjoy the day.

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Happy birthday Eve, to the new year's gal...!

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Ilene, I don't know if you remember me, but we went to school forever ago. Hope your life has been good. Can't wait to read more about you. Jane

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Happy Birthday Jane!

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Jane, Happy Birthday a few days late. You are such an amazing woman. Hope all is well and that 2016 is a great year. Love, Jan

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Happy Birthday Jane!

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