Old Pictures! New Pictures! Group Pictures!
Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 04:44 PM

Got any pictures of general interest to many in the class?  

Here's a few suggestions:  Elementary School Class pictures, Pictures from your Junior High, any photos with multiple classmates in 'em, pictures taken inside of Weber or anywhere on the grounds or near it,  events, dances, games, etc.  More recent pix of multiple mates are equally welcome!

Note: The Committee has no pictures of Weber itself that were not in our yearbooks!  And neither does Weber High itself.  We checked!)  We also have no photos of Weber's "feeder" elementary and Jr. High schools from those days.

1. If you're having trouble uploading a picture, we've posted the exact procedure on the site.   Click on "Using this Site" (either here or on the main left side website menu.)  If you're still stuck, contact Darol Wintle or me.

2. If you have printed pictures but no scanner, here's part of the info from that page:  

Newer smart phone cameras - and most digital cameras - do a reasonly good job of "re-taking" these photos as digital files you can upload. 

Minimizing reflections and "glare," NOT using flash and keeping the camera steady are the keys.  Taking the photo outdoors (a little cloudy or in light shade is best) from directly above is one way to go, but you can experiment with others.  Indoor lighting is covered in the link.   

3. If you only have one or two, this forum might be the best place to post - but if you have at least a few, we suggest the "Your Shared Pics" page (which can also be clicked here or on the main menu).  And the same procedures apply to posting pictures on your own profile.

Here's anoter sample - not really a "Weber" photo - just my mom, sister and I on a Santa Cruz vacation in 1960, but it'll give you an idea of how they'll look here. 

Looking forward to yours.......   wink