WHS 1962 (Poem by Kenny G)
Posted Monday, August 20, 2012 11:54 AM

Weber High School 1962

-Kenny Greenwell

(Read by Kenny at the 50th Reunion Celebration)

We all left Weber High class of sixty-two, it's now been 50 years since we passed through; the halls of old Weber and the classroom door, they’ve all been replaced by a big Shopko store.

The old warrior Gym where we played basketball; had dances, phys Ed class, assemblies and all;   has now been replaced by a white shopping mall.

Gone is the old Seminary, with its small steeple; replaced by a Golden Corral and lots of….. old people.

Remember the old … corner Spud-Nut shop;  and when it was replaced by the new “Stop and Shop.” 

When we all left Weber so very long ago;  we went in many directions as you all well know. 

Some went on to College, some joined the military;  some got married,  wow, our choices did … vary.  

Some became Doctors, Nurses, and Teachers;  Pilots and Salesman and other unique creatures.

CEO’s, PHD’s, CPA’s, business women and men;  and many other professions that we have all been.

Most are retired and from our labors we now rest; and just to be here, remaining upright, we really are blessed.

Some of our classmates have now passed beyond;  and we miss them a lot … since they have been gone.   

A few extra pounds on some have been gained;  and some of the wildest have long since … been tamed.

Some wrinkles and lines now appear here and there;  some brown spots from aging, faces not quite so fair.

Some hair is not as thick, as it … was;  some bald spots and white hair now give us cause; to consider our school days and memories past, gosh those 50 years have gone by so … fast.

The cliques and special little groups have gone away;   we are all now just survivors … in just the same way. 

Yes, we’ve all made it through the last fifty years;  with persistence, hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

It’s so very good to see you … and welcome you all;  to this momentous occasion in this festive hall.

We’re happy to be here, with our great, great class;  and hope very much that this won’t be our last.  

Kenny Greenwell - written 16 April 2012

Kenny in 1962.....