"Reunion Day" Web Page

Here's the top of the site's Home Page on August 10, 2012,
the first day of of our 50th Class Reunion:



The official site of the Warrior Class of 1962!  

"For Weber High we stand..."


..Our 50th...

We're way excited 200 of us will be at the Banquet tonight and 100 at the Saturday Picnic!

...Tonight and Tomorrow 

8/10 and 11!  This is it!!

[Email Tom Grimm (trgimm@gmail.com) with questions.  The Reunion Registration page has details and directions

Meanwhile, ALL of Earl's Lodge at Snow Basin Resort is ours Tonight! Plus a program not to be missed!! (Really - folks have busted hump on this!)

 Saturday's event is an afternoon picnic on John Rhees' spacious grounds.

GET READY -  Word to the wise, here's another clue for y'all to help you participate in the evening's program: Read people's profiles IN ADVANCE.  Trust us on this....  ...all WILL be made clear!! :-D  

MEMORABILIA -  Bring things from WHS days to display! Think Pep Club Uniforms, FFA jackets, anything from FHA, FTA, Key Club, Teams, Warriorette boots, pictures, etc!

   See you there!