Today's High School Students
Posted Sunday, February 5, 2012 09:25 AM

I am amazed at the quality of some of our high school students and the courage and drive that they possess. To explain my comments, perhaps a little background information would help. After graduation, I rattled around for a dozen years before marrying a High School Teacher ( I was 31, she 29).

She taught Home Ec. Cooking, Sewing, Family Finance, Child Development, Etc. She was also the FHA advisor. FHA (Future Homemakers of America) changed a few years ago to FCCLA (Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America). This opened the door to boys as well as girls and created many more opportunities. 

After teaching for 41 years my sweetheart retired and was hired by Utah State as State Administrator for the FCCLA. For several years I have helped her by volunteering to judge at area, state, and National Conferences. Now I actively help her to set-up, take down, and manage the area and state conferences. 

I have seen some absolutely unbelievable programs created, implemented, and run by these fantastic youth from all 50 states and the south sea islands. I can honestly say that they quietly, effectively do more good for humanity (without fanfare or media attention) than politicians do.  If you could see, as we do some of the tremendous things these wonderful youth do, it would really blow your mind. 

Last Friday, Feb 3, we had an area conference at Weber State University in Ogden, We will have another tomorrow morning at BYU in Provo, then Tuesday at Southern Utah University in Cedar City.  There will be two more the following week at BYU, Then on to the State Conference in March, and National in Orlando. We anticipate approx 180 Utah Students will earn Gold Medals at State and go to Orlando to represent Utah at the National Leadership Conference in July.

If any of you have the opportunity to volunteer to assist, as judges, room consultants, or any other way. I promise the rewards are incredible.  

If you can, there are many youth organizations that need volunteers. Working with these incredible young men and young women is wonderful and rewarding. (And it keeps you young at heart)  FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, 4H, Key Club, Leo Club, and many others. They are ALL excellent organizations, and rely on volunteers to succeed.

That's my $ .02 worth

Richard Crawford