What this forum's about
Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 05:05 PM


This page is to jog and add to our memories and knowledge about what was happening back in the day - things that were either about or effected us, the school and our communities.  What were the "big" events?  

The secrets that can be told now (we hope!)?

What was something you were always curious about that someone else might know?

And what have you....  .

...To kick things off, in my case, while I was linking our Class of '62 facebook page to the general Weber High School facebook page, I ended up on the Wikipedia entries about the schools (see the post below for what I found).  This is likely not be the best example of what you can post here, 'cos it's kinda dry, but hey, you all know I was (and still am) a nerd......