Some things you maybe didn't know about Weber (I didn't):
Posted Thursday, January 19, 2012 04:58 PM

Weber High School

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[The present] Weber High School is a Utah secondary school located in Pleasant View, Utah, about 5 miles north of Ogden, Utah. It serves the residents of Pleasant ViewNorth OgdenHarrisvilleHuntsvilleEden, and Liberty. It is part of the Weber School District and includes grades 10-12.

The location of the original Weber High School was between 11th and 12th Street on the east side of Washington Boulevard in Ogden (site of a current Shopko store). In 1926, Weber County voters approved a $300,000 bond for a county high school by a vote of 733 to 480. Construction of the building began in 1926 and was completed in 1927. Educators held school in the building in the fall of 1926, although the school was still under construction. In 1953-54 the school expanded with the addition of a new south wing.[1] When the current campus opened in Pleasant View, the old building remained, until demolished in the mid-1980s. Their rivals are the Silver Wolves of Fremont High School, located in Plain CityUtah that serves the residents of rural Weber County, Utah. It opened in the fall of 1994.

  • ....And that's why I tell people today my high school was Shopko, Class of 1962.......
  • Also, those of you who've lived in the area probably realize this, but for those who haven't - if Fremont had been built in our time, many of us wouldn't have gone to school together!
  • As for a development that DID directly effect who we went to school with:


Bonneville High School (Washington Terrace, Utah)

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Bonneville first opened its doors in the fall of 1960 to approximately 900 students, including freshmen. The school was built to address the overwhelming population growth (attributed to the post-war "baby boom") at the south end of Weber County.

The school was built at a large cost to the Weber County School District. Every effort was made to make Bonneville reflect the latest in technology and culture. The building itself was designed with large, open spaces such as a central courtyard and smaller atriums spread throughout the campus.

As the area continued to grow, it became necessary to renovate the buildings to house a larger student population. Along with closing in the main courtyard and adding a new building behind the main structure, the freshman class was moved back into junior highs and middle schools. Several other additions and renovations have occurred since the 1970s. The junior highs that go into Bonneville are T.H Bell Jr High School and South Ogden Jr high School.,_Utah)

  • Note: Unless memory fails (and it could!), T.H. Bell, the Superintendent of our district until we graduated (we either drove him out or our sterling performance helped catapult his career), lived in Wilson Lane during my childhood.  He carved out quite the career in local and state education, with schools, a U. of Utah scholarship program and more named after him. And then Mr. Bell, our very own Super went to Washington...

T.H. Bell Junior High

The school (T.H Bell Jr High School) is named after Terrel H. Bell who was superintendent of the Weber County School District from 1958-1962. Mr. Bell instigated the building of the new school while he was superintendent. At the time of the dedication he was State Superintendent of public instruction. Later, he was in President Reagan's cabinet as Secretary of Education from 1981 to 1984.

Am I right about where T.H. Bell lived?  Got any more fun (or equally dry) facts?  Post 'em!  Or, as noted, anything else....