Share your thoughts with all
Posted Friday, January 6, 2012 03:07 PM

This area is for any and all kinds of group discussions.  Any observations or suggestions about the site or reunion - or use your imaginations.  It's a blank canvas!

(And it comes with an eraser in case you change your mind and want to edit or delete your post later.)

Still, a blank canvas only becomes interesting to look at if people paint on it.  

So the success of this part of the web site is up to all of us.  If lots participate (and there are hundreds of us), we'll all know each other better again and can have a great time in the process.  

Anyway we have this space and you're encouraged! 

Check the topic list.  Your post may fit into one of the "forums" already here - or start your own!  The button to do that appears in several places and is labeled, surprisingly(!), "Post New Topic." 

I've put up some examples - still, these are for the whole class - which includes your humble website administrators, sure, but not only or even mostly us.  

Still, to help get some balls rolling, some suggestions:

How about, say, your most exciting or best or strangest or luckiest moments since (or before?) graduation?  Most inspirational?  Most life-changing?


What's the most exotic or unusual place you've been on the planet?

What hobbies or skills or interests would you like to have an exchange about?  Cooking?  Gardening?  Photography?  Retirement planning?  Comparing "Bucket Lists"?


Movies (classic or current)?   Combe's vs. McDonalad's vs. Sir Basil's vs Dairy Queen?   Who put the bomp in the bomp she bomp she bomp?  "Things I can talk about now that the statuate of limitations has passed?"   Favorite teachers/counselors/other staff?   Spin and Marty?  Lady Gaga?